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With anywhere, anyone, anytime, the artist Laurent Moriceau has created a new and parallel space. The proposition is very simple with intriguing results at stake. Creating a flux of images and texts distributed through the means of a limitless network with infinite limits. The work is in complete opposition to social networking.


- Poster number 1 allows you to upload images and text through the means of a QR code mosaic by your Smartphone.
- Poster number 2 allows you to access to the global uploaded material.
- All uploaded material remains anonymous. The distribution of the posters are unlimited, the participants are both unlimited in numbers and international.


Anywhere Anyone Anytime is a virtual hydra to infinite networking; capable of receiving and distributing millions of anonymous uploads. The non-hierarchal and uncontrollable flux questions the freedom of expression of institutional social networks. The project also enables mobile telephones to become a performing creative medium, accompanying every moment of our lives.
The work is a reflection on medium and the artistic status authorized questioning the impact of the status and the generated context.
Anywhere Anyone Anytime also draws a contemporary utopia; a mysterious space for thought, ubiquity and for freedom

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anywhere, anyone, anytime is a Poisson Bouge production, contents lab by Web Dynamiques
Graphic design : Paul Demare - Conception & development : Patrick Pézier

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